From January 03 to 13 January 2020, George Triantafillou and Karolin Schild will present their most beautiful fine art photography in the oceanscapes exhibition, HAWKS NEST GALLERY in New South Wales. Dream away with beautiful Oceanic scenery, colours and textures. The raw beauty of the powerful, everchanging Ocean.. Take a look through the eyes of both photographers at the world around us.

George Triantafillou
Fine Art Landscape Photographer

George Triantafillou is a landscape photographer who literally does everything to get the perfect shot. From hours of hiking over rough terrain through wind, snow and/or rain, to climbing to dark places and standing in deep freeze water and smooth rocks along the coast. Get to know the beautiful landscapes that George has captured during his life journey with deep respect towards nature.

Horse Head Rock, Bermagui, NSW - Award Winning Seascape Panorama Fine Art Print, George Triantafillou - WeAreRawPhotography

Horse Head Rock, Bermagui, NSW. For This Image George stiched by hand 5 vertical images horizontal. 3.2 seconds at ISO 100 f/11. 6 stop ND plus 2 stop Grad ND and about 10 hours Photoshop. This Image won an international silver award in Epson Panno 2017.

Karolin Schild
Fine Art Landscape Photographer

Karolin Schild also known as VivaKarolina, is fine art and nature photographer. Her fine art images are characterised by the use of long exposures, mood and clean compositions. As a result, she is able to create an atmosphere based on her inner vision. In her landscape photography, Karolin uses this technique to adhere to the passing of time. This way, she is able to capture a feeling instead of just a moment in time. As a result, the photos appear true to nature but are in fact a representation of something deeper.

Camel Rock at Sunset Image | Fine Art Landscape Photography | We Are Raw Photography - Award Winning Seascape Fine Art Print, Karolin Schild

Camel Rock, Bermagui, NSW. Karolin’s extraordinary power to create emotions in a photo are characterised by striking contrasts, dark tones, shadows and slow shutter speeds. This Image won an international silver award in Epson Panno 2017.