New Zealand’s Most Photographed Tree

Probably the most photographed tree in the world, That Wanaka Tree didn’t escape my lens either.

A singular tree rising out of a lake, stranded by circumstance. I’m fascinated with our fascination with it. Its uniqueness captures us instead of the photographer captured it.
Her loneliness captivated the audience and she got famous for it. Is it even a visit to New Zealand without a tree photo at Wanaka? One of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the world in Wanaka, New Zealand.

🗺: Wanaka, New Zealand
📸: Viva Karolina

Wanaka tree at sunset in front of the mountain range

Occasionally sunset really takes you by surprise! Chanced upon this spot at the Wanaka tree just as the sense was starting to light up and it didn’t disappoint! 

This photo collection of the Wanaka Tree was taken during our 6-day winter wonderland New Zealand Photography Tour in 2017 by @WeAreRawPhotography ⁠It was a very lovely moody morning with perfect light conditions for our landscape photography workshop on location and showcase to all our participants the great advantage of using camera filters for long exposure effect.

Here you are despide the odds. still standing, still growing!

Karolin Schild
We Are Raw Photography
Landscape FIne Art photograper
wanaka tree on a moody morning landscape photography workshop

It is the still silence of nature where one will find true bliss.

Catching the sunrise at Lake Wanaka, New Zealand


The lone tree of Lake Wanaka” is probably the most famous tree in New Zealand (and even the world). It got famous as #ThatWanakaTree and is even listed on Google Maps with the hashtag. Surrounded by water, the tree stands alone at the south end of Lake Wanaka. It is due to that that many locals consider it a symbol of hope. 

Wanaka Tree pastel sunset

One of my favourite shots from my whole New Zealand trip. Although after visiting Lake Wanaka I feel like it would be almost impossible to take a bad shot of this beautiful place. Did you know? Wanaka was known as Pembroke up until 1940 when residents changed the name.

Somehow, I relate to this solitary willow tree, that sits alone on the lake. You won’t really feel alone with all the great views 360 degrees!

Nightfall over Wanaka – One of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the world in Wanaka, New Zealand.

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