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Adobe Creative Suite Lightroom and Photoshop Mastering 1-on-1 on location or remotely online.
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George Triantafillou
Karolin Schild

Our Photography Mentoring Program is designed for those who wish to further their personal photographic vision and goals; are interested in learning about the Post Processing techniques in Adobe Creative Cloud, featuring Adobe Lightroom, Camera Raw and Photoshop and allows you to have full access to our services: Image review/advice, support, gear advice and personal 1 on 1 guidance.

We offer this special package to those who wish to further their personal photographic vision and goals. The program will pair 2 international recognized photographers with more than 40 years of experience in the Photographic industry. Over the course of 4 months (recommended one 2-3 hour online post-processing session every week or fortnightly), we will be on your side to enhance your personal photographic journey. Mentoring includes editing and in the field practice on a regular basis in a different environment to enable you to fully understand and develop your photography vision. Included 4 on-location sessions – 4-6 hour per session plus bonus overtime plus image critique. You will be given homework to practice which we will together review and discuss.

Our photography lessons are led by long-term award-winning photographer George Triantafillou and assistant Karolin Schild.

Do I have to be Local for this Beginner Photography Course (Melbourne, Australia) or is this an Online Workshop?
Melbourne is one of the most exciting and diverse capitals in the world. This makes it an ideal location for photography. There is so much to see and photograph in Melbourne that you can spend a lifetime photographing it. In this capital of different cultures and traditions, you will realise why Melbourne is such a huge draw for photographers.

Who better to guide you around Melbourne than our very own long-term award-winning professional photographers George Triantafillou and assistant Karolin Schild. Both from Melbourne and can take you to those unique spots that are not on the brochures. Your days will cover a wide range of scenarios. There will be challenging light conditions, and settings to master with. By the time you arrive back home, you will have a better knowledge of photography plus some amazing photos you are proud of hanging on your very own wall!

For all workshops: If you are local we certainly practice with in-the-field exercises once the theory is understood. Afterwards, we catch up again either in person or online to further developing your post-processing skills. However, even if you are not local, I will be giving you assignments and exercises to complete from one class to the next. For those further away or around the world, we have created stunning and easy to understand presentations and focus a lot on your post-processing which we will be held online or sit right next to us at our home office.

How does the online Workshop work?
For all workshops that take place online due to geographical constraints, lessons will be via online video chats and screen sharing which enables you to see my monitor and follow me in real-time step by step with any instructions. Also, we work on your side and I give you permissions to actively work on my screen through screen sharing.

Images will be shared using Drop-Box and all sessions will be recorded and make accessible for you through Drop-Box.

Horse Head Rock, Bermagui, NSW - Award Winning Seascape Panorama Fine Art Print, George Triantafillou Photography
Instinctively know the right techniques to capture any scene and share it with the world:
  • Understand your Camera: Camera settings, Using the right lens, Focal length and the magic of single focus points.
  • The Exposure Triangle: Aperture your new favourite setting, Depth of field, Shutter speed fast and slow, ISO and how it impacts your image quality.
  • Understand your histogram: See the light and interpret it as your camera sees it,  How to know your exposure is right.
  • Long-Exposure artistic creative effects: Understanding when and how it is necessary to use filters and how to archive long exposure with or without filters.
  •  Master styles and creativity: Composition secrets for stunning photos.
Getting Started with Lightroom - Beginner Techniques will cover the following topics:
  • Post Production with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop.
  • Monitor calibration importance and how to do it.
  • Setting up a new Lightroom Catalog and importing images.
  • Customizing your Essential Workflow panel settings.
  • Basics of Adobe Lightroom development panel: Exposure adjustments, colour adjustments, dust spot removal, crop, vignette…
  • Basics of Adobe Camera Raw panel: exposure adjustments, colour adjustments, dust spot removal, crop, vignette…
  • Basics of Adobe Photoshop: working with basic layers, creating basic masks, basic burn and doge techniques and many more.
  • Basics Understanding saving and exporting images: different file format, colour space, saving and resizing your images for Social Media.
Level Up w/ Photoshop, Camera Raw & Creative Effects- Advanced Techniques will cover the following topics:
  • The mood or intention of your image.
  • Advanced Techniques for Masking and Layers: Working with Layers,  Selective Adjustments, Advanced noise reduction.
  • Advanced Techniques for Color Correction: Selective Color Correction, Hues, How to pop up colour glow, contrast with curves.
  • Advanced Techniques for Creative Looks: Dodge and Burning, Blending Modes, Graduates, Master styles.
  • Advanced Techniques for Print and Web: Understanding Color Profiling and Color Management, Saving and resizing your images for print.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Working with a graphics tablet.
  • Develop your own style.
WeAreRawPhotography will guide you through: In The field hands-on location tuition and we work on your images! Getting Started with Lightroom— Beginner Techniques and Level Up w/ Photoshop, Camera Raw & Advanced Creative Effects Techniques.
Private Photography Lessons and Courses - Photography Mentor Program
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Our Prices

$ 75 p.p
1-2 Hours
1 instructor
Online from Home
Lightroom Photoshop
Photography Presentation
$ 249 p.p
1-2 Hours
1 location
2 instructors
On-Location Photography
Sunrise or Sunset
50 km around Melbourne
$ 850 p.p
6-8 hours
Multiple locations
2 instructors
On-Location Photography
Post-Processing along the way
100 km around Melbourne
Great Ocean Road Photography Tour - Hopetoun Falls, VIC. Australia by VivaKarolina
Private Photography Lessons

Please contact info@wearerawphotography.com if you have any questions!

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