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Photography Course Brisbane Gateway Bridge

October 12, 2019

Have you ever, photographed buildings or a bridge, especially tall ones? The buildings seem to be leaning backward, with their originally vertical lines converging towards the top. This is called distortion and is a result of changing perspective. I bet you have encountered this problem at least a couple of times. Wonder how to overcome this unwanted appearance? Then this workshop is just right for you.

  • The advice of a duo of internationally recognized photographers.
  • Keen to click professional level photographs using DSLRs and improve technical skills.
  • Learning something new is vital for any aspiring photographer, not to mention how interesting and fun it can be.


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Photography Course Brisbane OVERVIEW
3 hour
Group size
up to 8 Guests
George Triantafillou
Karolin Schild

Discover the Magic of Brisbane's Gateway Bridge

Photography Course Brisbane - Gateway Bridge - Master Long Exposure Panoramas lasts for 2-3 hours, during which we will cover:

Architecture photography requires a combination of Solid Field Techniques and Post Processing Techniques.

This on location photography course in Brisbane at the Gateway Bridge, is split into two sessions, and we are focusing on ‘perspectives for the impact in panorama photography’. We will meet underneath the Gateway Motorway – Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges in Brisbane, QLD (also well knows as Gateway bridge – Queensport Rocks Park). This location right underneath the two bridges gives a fairly unique perspective and the park under the bridge is easily accessible.

  • To begin the course we will introduce you all Essential Techniques and settings to shoot a panorama such as the camera settings, choice of photo lens and what focal lengh to choose, Leveling bases for photo tripod, How to choose your panoramic head, How many photos in a panorama, The NodalPoint/No parallax point, Measurement of the light in panoramic photography (General measurement of the light, Local measurement – contrast differences, Color temperature and white balance) shooting a panorama (Hand-held or on a tripod, Rotation of the camera, Correction of exposure ), Perspective distortion and many more.
  • George and Karolin will show you how to best photograph the Gateway bridge underneath the Gateway Motorway, as the sun starts setting. The ‘mood’ and ‘feel’ of your photos will change as the sun sets and the colourful lights appear.
Get photography tips, techniques, and inspirations
  • Perspective Distortion in Photographic Composition and strategies.
  • Lens choice – Which one is best for the type of picture you’re taking?
  • Master Panoramic Photos For Better Landscape Images
  • Master Long Exposure Photography (Step-by-step Guide)
  • Exposure Compensation for Better Shots.
  • Focus Stacking to Get Impossibly Sharp Photos
  • Master Light and how to make the best use of it.
  • Composition, How to make a picture look more interesting and exciting.
  • The relationship between aperture and shutter speed
  • Golden and blue hour photography.
  • And how to use Lightroom and Photoshop to stitch panorama photos and Correct Leaning Buildings.
Discover techniques needed to stitch panorama photos and Correct Leaning Buildings.
  • After the practical part you will be working directly with international award-winning photographers George and Karolin to learn the art of mastering panoramic photographs in lightroom and photoshop.
  • Edits before stitching a panorama, Correction of perspective distortions, the easy way to stitch photos into a panorama. But what if software fails? We cover manual stitch a panorama, Final edits…
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Brisbane Photography Course | Gateway Bridge Photos, Brisbane Photos | We Are Raw Photography
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Brisbane Photography Course | Gateway Bridge Photos, Brisbane Photos | We Are Raw Photography

Please note: If you are considering purchasing items for this workshop (Nd filters, tripod, lenses etc.) please feel free to call or email us first for advice.

Brisbane Photography course | Gateway Bridge | Night Photography Workshop | We Are Raw Photography
Image details:
Canon EF 11-24mm F/4L USM Objektiv
Canon EOS 6D
Neutral Density ND8 (0.9) 100*100 (3-stop)
Long exposure
30.0sec at f/16 11mm ISO100
Photography Course Brisbane - DETAILS
Who is the workshop for?
All experience level welcome.
- Fun and enjoyment of photography and outdoors.
- Photography Enthusiasts Who Want To Expand Their Skills.
- Suitable for complete beginners to serious amateurs.
Whether you use a digital camera, mirrorless camera, you're are going to have fun on our photo adventures!
Let us take you to the best shooting spots and give you expert feedback on your work.

*Photographers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

What do I bring on the day?
Digital SLR or mirrorless camera with focal lengths between 16 to 100mm, fully charged camera battery and possibly spare battery as well as enough memory cards, stable tripod, nice to have filters (we have some to borrow if you don't have your own) and remote trigger.
* Digital SLR Camera or mirrorless camera (Not Smartphone or Point & Shoot)
* Wide Angle lens, in addition, if you have: Telephoto, Zoom.
* Fully charged battery and spare batteries (at least 2-3).
* Stable Tripod.
* Storage memory cards (empty).
* Camera remote control (shutter release).
* Filters (Pol-, nd-,gnd-, etc) (we have some to borrow if you don't have your own)
* Headlamp or Torch.
* Hiking shoes and appropriate outdoor clothing & active wear.
* Physical fitness level for daily hikes of approximately 1 hours.
* Bug Repellent, Sunscreen, Hut
* Water and snacks
* Lots of fun and energy.
What is included in the course?
* Intensive supervision by our workshop leaders
* Our Award-Winning experts show you the best Photo spots around Brisbane and some unique locations (Photo shouting)
* Our Award-Winning experts are with you every step to help you master the challenges that lie ahead.
1) How to Master Panoramic Photos For Better Landscape Images
2) How to Master Long Exposure Photography (Step-by-step Guide)
3) How to Master Exposure Compensation for Better Shots.
4) How to Master Focus Stacking to Get Impossibly Sharp Photos
What is not included in the course?
* Food and beverage
* Transport
* Travel insurance
* Visa
* Camera equipment and Items of personal needs
We reserve the right to make any changes to the program as a result of the weather. It is a trip into nature and unfortunately, we have no control over the weather conditions on site. A superior and cautious behaviour to minimize the risk of injury is our first priority. Nevertheless, we would like to mention that all travel activities are at your own risk.

Insurance is in the responsibility of each travel participant. As the organizer and workshop manager, we are excluded from any liability. The workshop is conducted in all weather conditions. By registering for this course the participant confirms that he has understood this important information and thus accepts this clause.

Weather Guarantee
If the weather condition on the day of the workshop it is unacceptable that we cannot run it you can either,
• Reschedule to another workshop.
• Receive a full refund.
Epson Pano Awards | Bermagui Photography | VIva Karoliona | We Are Raw Photography
Epson Pano Awards | Bermagui Photography | VIva Karoliona | We Are Raw Photography
Epson Pano Awards | Bermagui Photography | VIva Karoliona | We Are Raw Photography
Develop your vision and enhance your photos while having a fun and enjoyable time during the journey.
It is our mission to offer you the best value As your photography comes always first!

If the dates don’t suit you, then consider doing a 1 on 1  photography session. They can be a lot better as well. If you think that would suit you then click here.


Friday, November 27, 2020 – Gateway Bridge, 1/2 Day

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