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Grampians Mountain Photo Tour – 4 days

June 24, 2022
This four-day trip takes us to the beautiful Grampians National Park in Victoria.

Grampians Photography Tour with award-winning photographer George Triantafillou. We take you to some of the world’s most amazing landscapes. The mountain region is considered one of the most beautiful in Australia. Photograph impressing mountain landscapes, waterfalls and wildlife. This Photo tour focus on nature and landscape photography and the ever-changing light conditions.
  • Very comfortable, small group size
  • Get a head start in Landscape Photography with hands-on experience
  • Home to an abundant amount of Australian wildlife, relax in the scenic township of Halls Gap


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Sunset at the Balconies Lookout

4 Days Grampians - Chasing Mountain Light Photography Tour

     expert field 
     Award winning
    small group Size
       4-6 guests
    Start and finish
    $2690 / person
         4 days


Experience breathtaking landscapes including fascinating rock formations and waterfalls in our Grampians National Park Photo Tour – Shoot in the field and then learn fantastic processing and creative skills. The area with its striking series of mountain ranges of sandstone, exquisite panoramic views, and wildlife particularly mellow about sharing their home with you, is an absolute highlight. We will photograph the mighty mountains, lakes and waterfalls in the best lighting conditions. 


Our Photography tour begins and ends in Melbourne. A short four-hour drive, the region is a haven waiting to be explored with your camera. The base for this Chasing Mountain Light Photo Tour is Halls Cap, perfect for discovering all the natural wonders around the Grampians National Park.⁣ The entire roads in the Grampians are complete with spectacular views as we wind our way to Halls Cap.


Plan on bringing a wide variety of lenses to capture the rich array of subjects, from intimate details of the waterfalls to vast mountain vistas. You’ll also want to bring neutral density filters, as we’ll be creating evocative long exposures, both in low light and in the middle of the day. Regardless of the weather, there is always something to photograph! We’ll be working by day, and into the night. Our experienced pros will share with you their unique vision and techniques, helping you optimize your compositions and process your images. There will also be ample time for one-on-one image reviews and group critiques.

What to expect:
  • Learn about the types of light and properties of colour as you go into the field and enhance your vision.
  • Photograph seamless panorama photographs and learn how to stitch them together.
  • Understanding different light conditions and learn how to predict light.
  • Learn how to control light with the use of neutral density filters.
  • Wide-angle or ‘short’ lenses – Understanding and using Focal length as creative tools in photography.
  • Photograph mountain peaks and wildlife with different focal lengths.
  • Composition inspirations and equipment advice.
  • How to make a picture look more interesting and exciting.
  • Golden, Blue hour photography and if conditions allow night photography.
  • Explore the wonder of the outstanding natural beauty, surrounding the Grampians National Park sandstone mountain range
  • Photograph the mountain peaks from the scenic view of Mount Williams
  • Home to an abundant amount of Australian wildlife
  • Relax in the scenic township of Halls Gap
  • Get fantastic views at sunset and sunrise from Boroka Lookout, Reeds Lookout or Lake Bellfield.
  • Photograph majestic views and scenic rock formations at Balconies Walk, the Jaws of Death as featured in the famous Japanese Animation ‘Princess Mononoke’
  • Enjoy the spectacular views from Reeds Lookout
  • Walk down to the base of MacKenzie Falls or Silverband Falls.
  • Moderate level of fitness required to complete at least 2 hours of hiking within Grampians National Park
2024 Dates:
15th - 18th September
2025 Dates:
June 8 - 11
Make memories and capture moments with us.
Register today!
Anyone with an interest in photography, regardless of age, skill level, or equipment – you just need a sense of adventure and an eagerness to learn. Whether you are just brought your new camera or a professional photographer, you will come back with great images and a deeper understanding of the photographic medium.
- Fun and enjoyment of photography and outdoors
- Photography Enthusiasts Who Want To Expand Their Skills.
- Suitable for complete beginners to serious amateurs.

*All experience level welcome.
*Photographers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Our tours are not workshops, with classroom instruction each day; rather, they are journeys of discovery that take you to great photographic locations with wonderful opportunities for informal, hands-on learning, that takes place through personal tutoring sessions, discussions around the dinner table, impromptu lectures or demonstrations, and while photographing in the field.
Each photo leader has years of experience in photographic education, and each has his or her own philosophy and style. They will help you see the world with new eyes, and create images that reflect your unique experience.
We will explain depth of field, putting hyperfocal distance into practice, choosing the right lens and using your tripod and improving your workflow as well as how to approach a scene and order your composition and technique to get the shot you have in mind. The tour is primarily about developing your skills as a photographer and your images are our priority!

Image review/critique sessions will be included in a flexible manner as time allows (during bad weather, for example, we may spend more time indoors reviewing photos and discussing techniques, composition, and post-processing).

* Digital SLR camera or Mirrorless camera
* Camera lenses preferably Wide-Angle lens, in addition, if you have: Telephoto, Zoom, or Macro.
* Fully charged battery and spare batteries (at least 2-3).
* Enough storage memory cards (empty).
* Stable Tripod.
* Camera remote control (shutter remote realise).
* Filters POL, ND and GND if you have any (we have some to borrow if you don't have your own).
* Headlamp or Torch.
* Hiking shoes and appropriate outdoor clothing & activewear.
* Physical fitness for daily hikes of approximately 1 - 4 hours.
* Bug Repellent, Sunscreen, Hut
* Lots of fun and energy.
What is included?
* Intensive supervision by the workshop leaders
* Our Local experts show you the best Photo spots and some unique locations (Photo shouting)
* Our Local experts are with you every step to help you master the challenges that lie ahead.
* Transport from and to Melbourne
* Accommodation (twin-share)
* Water
What is not included?
* Travel insurance
* Camera equipment and Items of personal needs
* Meals and drinks
* Airfares

We reserve the right to make any changes to the program as a result of the weather. It is a trip into nature and unfortunately, we have no control over the weather conditions on site. A superior and cautious behaviour to minimize the risk of injury is our first priority. Nevertheless, we would like to mention that all travel activities are at your own risk.

Insurance is in the responsibility of each travel participant. As the organizer and workshop manager, we are excluded from any liability. The workshop is conducted in all weather conditions. By registering for this course the participant confirms that he has understood this important information and thus accepts this clause.

Boroka Lookout
Along the way to MacKenzie Falls
Color and Light - elements of articery

We are always on the lookout for elements of the landscape that evoke emotions in us and colour & light are two closely linked properties that do just that. Light changes our perception of colour by intensifying it when lit and making it appear subdued when in shadow or at night. How much light and colour are in your image bring about certain emotions and communicate feelings.

This is the focus of this Chasing the Mountain Light photography tour in the Grampians – Learn about the types of light and properties of colour as you go into the field and enhance your vision.
To increase our chances of photographing these elements we focus on the time of the day/year and weather a lot. The golden hours provide an excellent opportunity to see the interaction of light and colour in an elevated state. Red glow hitting the mountain tops at sunrise. Light travels through more of the earth’s atmosphere at these times showing up in a different colour spectrum than during the middle of the day. The Grampians National Park is the perfect place for this tour, offering the chance of capturing various scenarios around light changeability. There might be a chance of photographing the light during clearing storms, fog and mist, dappled spot lighting or reflection photography.

Up in the mountains of the Grampians, almost every morning the peaks are covered in fog which filters the light and allows for beautiful soft light and colour photography.

We also will look for compositions that will complement the colour & light present in the final images, and try to connect elements within your frame and from relationships. This can be difficult when light is fleeting but we will have enough time to practice it, and then work on strengthening your image in post-production.

MacKenzie Falls
Develop your vision and enhance your photos while having a fun and enjoyable time during the journey.
OUR TEAM IS FULLY BILINGUAL (ENGLISH, GREEK, GERMAN) AND WE’RE PASSIONATE ABOUT OUR OWN PHOTOGRAPHY. It is our mission to offer you the best value As your photography comes always first!

Looking for something more private?  We make your private adventure happen! And If the dates don’t suit you, Join our waiting list or consider a 1 on 1 personalized photography session. If you think that would suit you then CHOOSE FROM BELOW.

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2024 Sun-Wed, Sep 15-18 – 4 Day GRA4, 2025 Sun-Wed, Jun 8-11 – 4 Day GRA4

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