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Master your Camera – Beginner Photography Course

December 3, 2019
Master Your Digital Camera with Award Winning Photographers – Then Go Shoot Your Best Vacation Photos Ever…

Our Melbourne photography workshop will provide you with in-depth knowledge of what you need to capture great photos.  You will learn all about your camera, basic camera handling techniques, aperture, shutter speed and iso, exposure compensation, light metering, the histogram and composition. There will be many different shoots in different scenarios. These will test your abilities and give you the skills necessary to take your photography to the next level.
  • Learn how to get off ‘auto mode’ and how to unlock endless creativity.
  • Fun and easy way to start out your photographic journey, understand the fundamentals with hands-on experience.
  • Very quick learning curve and extremely easy to get used to.


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1/2 Day
Melbourne CBD
Group size
up to 6 Guests
George Triantafillou
Karolin Schild
Urban Landscape Photography Workshops
Master your Camera with International Award Winning Landscape Photographers

If you just bought yourself a nice new camera, I can hear you think: ‘what on earth do I need to do with all those buttons?’ Don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

We will help you understand the basics of photography in a step-by-step way, so you can take full control of all those buttons! It will be no longer the camera who decides how your photo will turn out, but you telling the camera exactly how you want your photo to look!

In this course we will teach you all you want to know about photography, using our years of experience of being an award winning professional landscape & portrait photography. As example of the subjects we discuss, we will show you our own photos and discuss. We will also tell you stories about our photography in Australia and many other countries, and teach you everything we came to know about photography over the last 30 years. In this way you will improve your photography skills so much faster than just learning the theory. Oh, and it creates a fun and informal setting!

Why you should come on our Melbourne Beginner Photography Course
Melbourne is one of the most exciting and diverse capitals in the world. This makes it an ideal location for photography. There is so much to see and photograph in Melbourne that you can spend a lifetime photographing it. In this capital of different cultures and traditions, you will realise why Melbourne is such a huge draw for photographers.

Who better to guide you around Melbourne than our very own long-term award-winning professional photographers George Triantafillou and assistant Karolin Schild. Both from Melbourne and can take you to those unique spots that are not on the brochures. Your days will cover a wide range of scenarios. There will be challenging light conditions, and settings to master with . By the time you arrive back home, you will have a better knowledge of photography plus some amazing photos you are proud of hanging on you very own wall!

What to expect on the day?
Our courses start at the basics. We look at your camera in a physical way to learn to understand all the abbreviations, buttons, etc. How does your camera work? Why do you need (or do not need) different lenses?

Then we will look at the first practical steps: aperture, shutter speed, iso value, exposure compensation. What does this mean? How do you use and control it? And how do you use it to unlock endless creativity?

Now it’s time to get off auto, and move to more creative camera settings: you are in control of your camera now! Next up are subjects like composition, direction of light, white balance, the histogram and more.

To finish off we will play around with the creative options we came to know during the course.

Enjoy informal learning with like-minded people

This photography workshop is designed to give experience in many different scenarios. We will be covering famous landmarks such as Flinders Street, Docklands, Web bridge and photograph Melbournes icons. Each scenario will be accompanied with tasks and challenges designed to push your knowledge and creativity. You will not only get to see and photograph one of the most stunning capital cities in the world but also experience it like a Melbournian. And the best at the end you bring stunning memories at home you will be proud of hanging on your wall!


✓ Web Bridge

Along the Yarra River to Flinders Street

✓ Expert photography instruction.

  • Learn How Your Camera Works & What The Buttons Can Do…
  • Learn The Correct Way To Work in Shutter Speed & Aperture Priority…
  • Master Manual For Total Control in complex lighting situations…
  • ISO ratings and how it impacts on your images…
  • important concepts explained in a more practical manner…
  • Combination of theory and practical for hands on experience
  • Available Wednesday & Thursday – 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM…
  • Maximum 6 Participants To Guarantee Lots Of One On One Attention…
  • Ideal for Photo Enthusiasts & Photographers of All Skill Levels…
  • Private Photo Tours Available…
  • All for fun of course!

✓ Cityscape Photography

✓ Landscape & Seascape Photography

✓ Outdoor Portrait Photography

Please note: If you are considering purchasing items for this workshop (Nd filters, tripod, lenses etc.) please feel free to call or email us first for advice.
Melbourne photography course | We Are Raw Photography
Who is the workshop for?
Anyone who owns a digital camera or would like to buy one soon. The aim of the beginner hands-on practice course is to take the participants away from the fear of modern digital photography and to give them fun and enjoyment of digital photography. No prior photography knowledge needed.

New photographers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

What do I bring on the day?
We recommend a digital DSLR camera or a digital compact with manual settings.
Wide Angle lens, if you have one.
Empty Memory cards.
Fully charged camera battery and possibly spare battery.
Filters (Pol-, nd-,gnd-, etc) (we have some to borrow if you don't have your own)
Stable Tripod (you can borrow our if you don't have your own).
Camera remote control (shutter release).
Outdoor clothing & active wear.
Comfortable shoes!
Lots of energy.
What is included in this course?
* Intensive supervision by the workshop leaders
* Our Local experts show you the best Photo spots around Melbourne and some unique locations (Photo shouting)
* Our Local experts are with you every step to help you master the challenges that lie ahead.
What not included in this course?
Food and beverage
Camera equipment and Items of personal needs
We reserve the right to make any changes to the program as a result of the weather. It is a trip into nature and unfortunately, we have no control over the weather conditions on site. A superior and cautious behaviour to minimize the risk of injury is our first priority. Nevertheless, we would like to mention that all travel activities are at your own risk.

Insurance is in the responsibility of each participant. As the organizer and workshop manager, we are excluded from any liability. The workshop is conducted in all weather conditions. By registering for this course the participant confirms that he has understood this important information and thus accepts this clause.

Weather Guarantee
If the weather is so bad over the workshop that we cannot run it you can either,
• Reschedule to another workshop.
• Receive a full refund.

Available Wednesdays and Thursdays, Wednesday – Melbourne, 1/2 Day, Thursday – Melbourne, 1/2 Day

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