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Winter Photography Workshop in the Victorian Alps – Mt Buffalo

June 8, 2019
Join We Are Raw Photography nature photographer George Triantafillou and Karolin Schild on this exciting 2-day winter landscape photography workshop and let us lead you into the world of white where form and texture are the “focus” instead of color only. Learn how to overcome the challenges of winter photography to create stunning images with efficiency, and develop a new appreciation of the winter landscape through vision, technique and detailed preparation.
  • Book your trip today – small groups, led by award-winning Austrailan photographers.
  • Exclusive access to Alpine National Park and remote locations.
  • Relax in the evening with like-minded people.
  • Enjoy informal learning and Speak To An Instructor.

$449 $390

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Landscape Photography Workshops in Victoria, Australia:

2 DAY August
24-25, 2019
Saturday – Sunday
Group size
up to 6 Guests
George Triantafillou
Karolin Schild
$390 per person

Bright located at the foothills of Mount Buffalo is one of George’s and Karolins favorite mountain towns…so laid back and so beautiful.  We’ll be heading out of town to make photographs, to Mt Buffalo National Park. Through winding roads of giant Eucalyptus, snow gum tree woodlands and sub-alpine grasslands unique to Australia makes itself for spectacular winter scenes up to the high mountains. Add a sunset and a sunrise and you will bring home some of the best winter scenes you will ever make!

Mount Buffalo National Park has sheer cliffs, imposing granite tors, tumbling waterfalls, snow gums and stunning wildflowers. This Workshop offers a well-rounded and highly resourceful educational experience, appropriate for any level of outdoor photographer, but especially for beginners and intermediates. The program consists of field-based shoots in beautiful locations and interactive critique session on participants’ laptop computers. A full, yet comfortable, schedule optimizes field time and helps facilitate the absorption of invaluable, professional information. George will also discuss post-processing of your images with computer programs such as Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and do live demonstrations.

No participant should feel that he or she is not qualified to attend. Limited enrollment gives all participants quality time with George Triantafillou and ensures that each person gets the specific instruction needed based on their individual level of experience. Pro landscape and nature photographer, Karolin Schild, assists George at most workshops, further ensuring individual attention. A group-based critique session allows participants the chance to learn from others’ work, while personalized field instruction addresses the photographer’s needs related to both understanding camera functions and techniques of composition.

The Horn summit, Mt Buffalo National Park | Landscape Photography Workshop | We Are Raw Photography

The above image was made on a photo tour last week. Of course, we can’t always guarantee snow but the quiet beauty of this area, with it’s sheer changing weather conditions, makes it perfect to understand and adapt to the different elements in landscape photography. We look forward to working with you.

Ladies Bath Falls, Mount Buffalo National Park, Victoria, Australia| Landscape Photography Tours | We Are Raw Photography
Exclusive Photo Locations

Sunrise, sunset and other exclusive access to Mt Buffalo National Park arranged for you. Locations include Bright and Mt Buffalo, highest mountain peak The Horn summit, spectacular granite tor of the Cathedral,  Ladies Bath Falls, Riverbanks and Outstanding Natural Area   And by any luck viewing native Australian animals and wildlife with a chance of spotting a mob of kangaroos.

✓ Enjoy informal learning with like-minded people

✓ Winter Landscape Photography

✓ Wildlife photography

✓ Available light photography.

✓ Waterfall photography.

✓ Long Exposure photography.

✓ Expert photography instruction.

Expert Instruction

WeAre RawPhotography full-time professional photographer, educator,  photo workshop leader George Triantafillou and Karolin Schild, both lifelong photographer and nature enthusiast leads you to pristine Victorian Alpine Area, and the majestic lady bath falls, Mount Buffalo. You will learn specific skills: long exposure, focus stacking, creating panoramas, professional revealing many of its secrets to capturing winter landscape during the day, maximize your depth of field to get your scene in focus, enhance your landscape images and post-processing tips in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Landscape Photography Workshop Topics of the day:

  • Join local expert hiker and landscape photographer as we share our tips and secrets to taking great outdoor pictures during the winter months.
  • With over 30 years of experience in the photographic industry, Award winning professional photographer George Triantafillou and Karolin Schild are guiding you throughout the day.
  • This 2-day winter landscape photography tour in Mt Buffalo National Park in the winter will put us in some of the most beautiful and sublime mountain landscapes in Victorian Alps, Australia.
  • Mount Buffalo National Park is a nature lover’s paradise, with short walking tracks, waterfalls, wildflowers, wildlife, lookouts, and picnic spots.
Topics covered include: How to protect you and your camera from the elements, looking for good subject matter, working in adverse conditions, and more. Dress for the weather, wear hiking shoes, and bring a daypack with water, snacks, hat, sunscreen, notebook and pencil, and camera or cell phone for taking photos. Meet in at Mt Buffalo Community Center, Dingo Dell Cafe.
Saturday Schedule
  • Winter Landscape at the Cathedral
  • Post Processing and Photo critics
  • Sunset and Night sky 

We will meet on Saturday morning at 9:30 am at the Dingo Dell Cafe right in the middle of the National Park. After our first get together, we heading to the  Cathedral to photograph some stunning winter landscape scenes. Returning for lunch in form of a picnic (included) at the Dingo Dell Cafe to practice some post-processing techniques and discuss the images taken in the morning. For sunset photos, we will be heading to the Horn the most prominent peak on the Mt Buffalo plateau and you will be captivated by the spectacular views. From the carpark, a short walk takes you right up to the summit with a 360 degree view. When the night sky looks promising we will stay one hour after last light hit the horizon and take some pictures of the milky way. The day ends with a luxurious dinner and drink (not included) in a relaxing and warm atmosphere in one of the best restaurants in Bright where we can further talk about our biggest passion “photography”.

*You are welcome to join us Saturday morning before the start of the official workshop for a sunrise at a special place near Dingo Dell Cafe 6:15 AM.

Sunday Schedule
  • Sunrise at Crystal Brook Falls
  • Waterfall Photography at Lady Bath Falls
  • Post Processing and Photo critics

We start the day early and meet at Crystal Brook falls (we will show you on the day before where) where we will enjoy a sunrise shoot. Slowly we make our way back to Bright and our last stop will be at the Laidys Bath fall where we show you all the tricks and tips to shoot stunning waterfalls. Back to Bright for breakfast brush (not included), we have enough time to go through every individual’s pictures to give feedback and answer questions as well to enhance and post-produce your images via Lightroom and Photoshop as long as you wish.

* You are welcome to join us Sunday evening after the end of the official workshop for a sunset (location open) 5:00 PM

The Horn, Mount Buffalo National Park | Landscape Photography Tours | We Are Raw Photography
The Cathedral, Mount Buffalo National Park | Landscape Photography Tours | We Are Raw Photography
Saturday and Sunday, August 24 and 25, 2019
In and around Mt Buffalo National Park and Bright, High Country, Victoria Alps, Australia.
Base and Meetpoint: Mt Buffalo Community Center, Dingo Dell Cafe, Dingo Dell Rd, Mount Buffalo VIC 3740.
Flexible self Accommodations
Our flexible accommodation options are perfect for everyone to suit your needs.
We understand that everyone has its own preference and perceptions on how to sleep. Some like to sleep in a luxury hotel, some like bed and breakfast and others love to sleep under the stars and camping. It is our aim to offer a level of convenience and flexibility and we let you choose your own accommodation.
Flexible self Transportation
To your flexibility, we offer this workshop as self-drive so you can decide if you want to stay longer after the workshop or arrive earlier in the region and make the most out of the weekend. We may need your assistance and might ask independent drivers to take an additional passenger or two in their own vehicle, if the need arises. We don’t anticipate any difficult or hazardous driving conditions.
*You are welcome to join us Saturday morning before the start of the official workshop for a sunrise (location will be specified) 6:15 AM
* You are welcome to join us Sunday evening after the end of the official workshop for a sunset (location open) 5:00 PM
Winter Considerations!
It can be very cold early and late in the day at 1,723 metres (5,653 ft) above sea level.. Sometimes well below zero! But that doesn’t mean that we can’t be comfortable and make beautiful images at the same time….because we always do. You’ll need to dress warmly with standard cold weather gear such as ski caps, ski gloves, down jackets, lots of clothing layers to shed or not, warm socks and boots. We can always jump in and out of the vehicles if need be to stay warm.

Digital cameras use more battery power than film cameras, and batteries don’t work as well in very cold weather; therefore, bring an extra battery and your charger….just in case. As for your camera and lens, cold weather doesn’t affect their operation. If it’s snowing, don’t worry, the seals on your camera are very water-tight; however, fogging of lenses occurs when you take a very cold camera into a warm, humid environment…we’ll work on this at the workshop. Otherwise, consider bringing some lightweight gloves along with ski gloves, although I find it easiest just to work with bare fingers, and then warm them up in gloves in between shooting.

Physical Difficulty:
Easy to moderate hikes and lookouts (must be able to get up and down from short mountain climbs approx. 2 km return)
Who is this Workshop for
Whether you use a phone, digital camera or analog camera, you're are going to have fun on our photo adventures! Let us take you to the best shooting spots and give you expert feedback on your work.
All experience level welcome.
Photographers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
What do I bring on the day?
* Digital SLR Camera or mirrorless camera (or your Smartphone or Point & Shoot)
* Wide Angle lens, in addition, if you have: Telephoto, Zoom, and Macro.
* Fully charged battery and spare batteries (at least 2-3).
* Enough memory cards.
* Stable Tripod.
* Storage memory cards.
* Camera remote control (shutter release).
* Filters (Pol-, nd-,gnd-, etc) (we have some to borrow if you don't have your own)
* Headlamp or Torch.
* Hiking shoes and appropriate outdoor clothing & active wear for winter.
* Physical fitness for daily hikes of approximately 1 - 2 hours.
* Sunscreen, Hut
* Lots of fun and energy.
What to expect on the day?
How to protect you and your camera from the elements, looking for good subject matter, working in adverse conditions, and more:
• Equipment for Winter Landscape Photography.
• The relationship between Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
• Mastering The Shooting Modes of Your DSLR Camera
• How can I exploit the possibilities of my camera?
• Try different Lens, which one is best for the type of picture you’re taking?
• Shooting in Raw
• Where to focus
• Depth of field
• White balance

• Waterfall Photography
• Long exposure and soft water effects (including the use of neutral density filters).
• Panoramas Photography
• Composition and balance your photos for better results
• Golden and blue hour photography.
• Correctly expose an image at night using a tripod. And if the night sky conditions allow shooting the stars and moonlight photography.

What included in the course?
* Intensive supervision by the workshop leaders
* Our Local experts show you the best Photo spots around Mount Buffalo National Park and some unique locations (Photo shouting)
* Our Local experts are with you every step to help you master the challenges that lie ahead.
* Water
* Saturday lunch in form of a picnic
* Snacks provides
What not included in the course?
* Travel insurance
* Camera equipment and Items of personal needs
* Meals and drinks
* Transport
* Accommodation
Weather Guarantee
We reserve the right to make any changes to the program as a result of the weather. It is a trip into nature and unfortunately, we have no control over the weather conditions on site. A superior and cautious behaviour to minimize the risk of injury is our first priority. Nevertheless, we would like to mention that all travel activities are at your own risk.
If the weather condition on the day of the workshop it is unacceptable that we cannot run it you can:
• Reschedule to another workshop date.

Insurance is in the responsibility of each travel participant. As the organizer and workshop manager, we are excluded from any liability. The workshop is conducted in all weather conditions. By registering for this course the participant confirms that he has understood this important information and thus accepts this clause.

The Cathedral, Mount Buffalo National Park | Landscape Photography Tours | We Are Raw Photography
The Cathedral, Mount Buffalo National Park | Landscape Photography Tours | We Are Raw Photography
Enhance your photos while having a fun and Unforgettable time during the journey.
The Cathedral, Mount Buffalo National Park | Landscape Photography Tours | We Are Raw Photography
Crystal Brook Falls, Mount Buffalo National Park | Landscape Photography Tours | We Are Raw Photography
Ladies Bath Falls - Mount Buffalo National Park - Victorias High Count | Landscape Photography Tours | We Are Raw Photography

If the dates don’t suit you, then consider doing a 1 on 1 PERSONALIZED photography session. They can be a lot better as well. If you think that would suit you then click here.


Saturday – Sunday, August 24 – 25, 2019 – MT Buffalo – 2 Day

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