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Tasmania Landscape Photography Tour - Binalong Bay Fire Red Sunset | Holiday with We Are Raw Photography Tours

6 Day's Tasmania Photography Tour

     expert field 
     2 Award winning
    small group
       6-8 People
    Start and finish
    Pace: EASY to
    $2995 / person
         6 days

See Tasmania’s best landscape photography attractions on this guided 6 day Tasmania photo tour package, packed full of activities and photographic opportunities – sunset and sunrise viewings, the best spots for landscape photography, wildlife and exploring Tassie’s spectacular national parks. Sit back and let us take care of the details of your photography tour. We travel from Launceston all the way to the famous Cradle Mountain, Central Highlands Region of the Australian state of Tasmania. You will see the natural wonders of the ancient rainforests and discover the sea along the east coast, before finishing in Launceston again.

  • 6 full days on tour in Tasmania.
  • Explore the Best of Tasmania.
  • Maximum group of 6-8 People.
  • Dedicated photography tour created by passionate photographers.
  • World class photography instruction
    by George Triantafillou & Karolin Schild.
  • Photoshop and Lightroom Tuition along the way.
  • Some of the darkest skies in the world for potential Milky-Way or Star trail photography.
  • Travel in our comfortable spacious vehicles. We drive -> you relax.
  • Our team is fully bilingual (English, Greek, German) and we’re passionate about our own photography. 

  • Image review/critique sessions will be included in a flexible manner as time allows (during bad weather, for example, we may spend more time indoors reviewing photos and discussing techniques, composition, and post-processing).
2022: 3rd of April - 8th of April - sold out
10th of April - 15th of April - sold out
7th of August - 12th of August
14th of August - 19th of August
2023: 11th of April - 16nd of April
27th of August - 1st of September
3rd of September - 8th of September
Its All about you and your photography!
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Make memories and capture moments with us.
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Tasmania Landscape Photography Tour - Binalong Bay Sunrise | Holiday with We Are Raw Photography Tours
'Out of this World' - Binalong Bay Sunrise, lighting up the iconic orange lichen on the granite boulders at the Bay of Fires, Tasmania (60 sec / F14 / ISO50 / 15mm).
Tasmania Landscape Photography Tour - Freycinet National Park | We Are Raw Photography
'Above the Sea' - Sunset viewing Freycinet National Park, Tasmania, Australia, Also One of the highlights of Freycinet National Park is Honeymoon Bay, a very picturesque little spot which we will visit. ( 0.4 sec / F16 / ISO100 / 16mm)
Tasmania Landscape Photography Tour - The Lonely Tree Binalong Bay | Holiday with We Are Raw Photography Tours
'The Lonely Tree' - And its beautiful colours surrounded by the sunset light. Binalong Bay, on the east coast of Tasmania, Australia (15 sec / F10 / ISO100 / 35mm).
Who is the Photo Tour for?
Anyone with an interest in photography, regardless of age, skill level, or equipment – you just need a sense of adventure and an eagerness to learn. Whether you are just brought your new camera or a professional photographer, you will come back with great images and a deeper understanding of the photographic medium.

- Fun and enjoyment of photography and outdoors
- Photography Enthusiasts Who Want To Expand Their Skills.
- Suitable for complete beginners to serious amateurs.

DSLR or Mirrorless camera,
Camera lenses preferably wide angle.
Filters POL, ND and GND if you have any.
Sturdy tripod.
Camera remote control (shutter remote realise).
A torch.
Our tours are not workshops, with classroom instruction each day; rather, they are journeys of discovery that take you to great photographic locations with wonderful opportunities for informal, hands-on learning, that takes place through personal tutoring sessions, discussions around the dinner table, impromptu lectures or demonstrations, and while photographing in the field.
Each photo leader has years of experience in photographic education, and each has his or her own philosophy and style. They will help you see the world with new eyes, and create images that reflect your unique experience.

We will explain depth of field, putting hyperfocal distance into practice, choosing the right lens, using your camera and improving your workflow as well as how to approach a scene and order your composition and technique to get the shot you have in mind. The tour is primarily about developing your skills as a photographer and your images are our priority!

Almost all locations are easy-to-medium difficulty and most of the locations we choose to visit are easy to access.
(may include 3-4 hour return hike moderate difficulty.)
There might be slippery or snow-covered tracks.
What's included in this Photo Tour?
• Start and End in Launceston
• 6 days 5-nights’ accommodation in Twin share
• Cradle Mountain and St Hellens Breakfast included
• National park pass included
• Airport pickup and drop-off
• Plenty of photo opportunities
• Fully guided Small Group Adventure
• Explore the Best Photo Locations of Tasmania
• Bay of Fires & Wineglass bay
• Hike Cradle Mountain
• Knowledgeable & Experienced Guide
• Air-Conditioned Vehicle
• Some of the darkest skies in the world for potential Milky-Way or Star trail photography.
• Photoshop and Lightroom Tuition along the way.
What's not included in this Photo Tour?
Food and beverage
Camera equipment and Items of personal needs
We reserve the right to make any changes to the program as a result of the weather. It is a trip into nature and unfortunately, we have no control over the weather conditions on site. A superior and cautious behaviour to minimize the risk of injury is our first priority. Nevertheless, we would like to mention that all travel activities are at your own risk.
Insurance is in the responsibility of each participant. As the organizer and tour manager, we are excluded from any liability. The tour is conducted in all weather conditions. By registering for this photo tour the participant confirms that he or her has understood this important information and thus accepts this clause.
Travel Insurance
It is advisable that you purchase travel insurance to protect your trip investment and yourself while travelling. According to our company policies we can’t take responsibility for contingencies like flight cancellations, medical expenses, gear damage, loss of gear, accidents, natural disasters and extended stays to name a few.
COVID Safe Conditions
Please note that by booking this tour you agree to necessary precaution to ensure the safety of all participants and our team. This includes:
• Maximum number of persons (inclusive tour leaders) as per government advised.
• Maintaining 1.5 meter social distancing.
• Access to hand sanitiser during the event.
• Gear in use will be cleaned before and after each event.
• Learning outcome will be provided by verbal explanation. Tour leaders will be unable to handle your camera.

Who should not attend (COVID SAFE)
• Anyone feeling unwell or awaiting COVID-19 test result.
• Anyone who has travelled overseas within 14 days.
• Anyone who has been in contact with any known positive COVID-19 person within the last 14 days
• Anyone at “great risk of serious infection” as described by the Australian Government as follows:
- People aged 70 years and over.
- People aged 65 years and over with chronic medical conditions.
- People with a compromised immune system.

By booking any tour or workshop with We Are Raw Photography, you agree to cooperate with all requirements and confirm you do not fall within one of the above listed categories. If your situation changed between booking your event and the day of the event, please notify us.

Landscape Photography Tours and Workshops | We Are Raw Photography
Welcome and Golden Hour Photography
DAY 1 Arrive at Launceston, Tasmania.
Tasmania Landscape Photography Tour - Moody Cradle Mountain Sunset | We Are Raw Photography

Arrive in Launceston and travel to Cradle Mountain. The adventure starts with an afternoon shoot to capture ‘golden light’ at the iconic Dove lake. Evening get-together for a welcome dinner and to discuss plans for the tour, best camera gear, equipment to use and find out what you already know and understand about your camera and the settings.

We’ll spend at least 2 days at our key location; Cradle Mountain, further to Russel falls, Port Arthur and East Coast of Tasmania.

(Please arrive no later than 13:00 PM at the airport)

DAY 2 Intense photo tour and hike in Cradle Mountain - from sunrise to sunset
Cradle Mountain Dove Lake Boat Shed at Sunrise| Tasmania Photo Tour travel explore destination

We’ll take 1 full day to explore the beautiful Cradle Mountain region. Starting the day with a sunrise shoot at the shore of Dove Lake’s favourite Boatshed where Cradle Mountain stands proudly behind in all its glory.  Head up from Dove Lake on the clifftop to Marion’s lookout we’ll capture superb panoramas of the lake with its views over Crater Lake, Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain. At the far end of the walk is a steep climb to Marion’s Lookout – on one section there are chains to help you up! We take our time, as we are a photographic tour there is no need to rush. The walk to Marion’s Lookout at Cradle Mountain is one of the highlights of our whole Tasmanian trip and offers up one of the best views in all of Cradle Mountain, certainly make it worth the effort.

Waterfall photography is the focus of the day!
DAY 3 Travel from Cradle Mountain to Russel Falls - Port Arthur.
Horseshoe Falls, Mount Field, Tasmania | Waterfall Photography Fine Art by George Triantafillou | We Are Raw Photography Tours

Today you can decide if you want to have a morning rest or we recommend to get up early for the last sunrise awakening the beauty around us!

After a good breakfast, we will make our way to Russel Falls.  A wonderfully relaxed day travelling in a comfortable vehicle along winding roads through the beautiful central highlands region of Tasmania. Reaching  Mt. Field National Park, World Heritage Wilderness Area, we will visit and photograph the spectacular Russel Falls, Tasmania’s most picturesque and beautiful waterfall.

“moving water, when seen and heard we can feel the real, often profound connection to the raw primal power of nature.”

Our walk passes through towering swamp gums and species typical of wet forests and cool temperate rainforests such as dogwood, musk and myrtle. Closer to the falls the track is framed by stunning tall tree ferns.

Sunrise at the Tessellated Pavement and Sunset / Night Sky Coles Bay
DAY 4 Travel Port Arthur - Coles Bay
6 Day Tasmania Landscape Photography Tour - Tessellated Pavement at Sunrise | Holiday with We Are Raw Photography Tours

An early start in the day! Visit Remarkable Cave and Devils kitchen and enjoy a short walk at the World Heritage-listed Port Arthur Historic Site before we make our way to Freycinet National Park to Coles bay for our sunset.

If the weather conditions allow we will stay late to capture the night sky.

Post-processing workshop during the day.

Sunrise and Sunset + Post-processing workshop during the day
DAY 5 Travel Coles Bay - Binalong bay
Landscape Photography Workshop Tours - Binalong Bay, Tasmania | We Are Raw Photography Tours

Today’s sunrise, a short drive down to the Honeymoon bay where the sun rises by the rocky coastline of the bay. Then to Coles bay where we’ll eat a hearty breakfast and once we’ve checked out, we’ll travel north to the Binalong bay, so we’re well prepared for our Sunset shoots there on Skeleton bay.

Every good journey has its end but friendships stay forever!
DAY 6 Travel Binalong bay - Bay of Fire - Launceston transfer to airport
Tasmania Landscape Photography Tour - Binalong Bay in the Bay of Fires | Holiday with We Are Raw Photography Tours

Our last sunrise at this beautiful island. After breakfast, we will make our way back to Launceston and end our tour. The memories and friendships created along our journey will still be with us!

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6 Day Tasmania Landscape Photography Tour - Binalong Bay Promising Another Spectacular Day | Holiday with We Are Raw Photography Tours
Tasmania Landscape Photography Tour - Cradle Mountain Untouched and Pure | Holiday with We Are Raw Photography Tours
Tasmania Landscape Photography Tour - Remote Wonders Binalong Bay | Holiday with We Are Raw Photography Tours

This photo tour costs AU $2995 per head in shared accommodation.
You have to deposit an amount of AU $650 to secure your spot for this photo tour.
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