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Waterfall Serenity

Waterfall Serenity

‘Waterfall Serenity’
🗺: Tasmania Landscape Photography  – showcasing Chasm Falls, Smoko Creek, Meander State Forest, Tasmania by George Triantafillou.
Long-drop falls in Tasmanian’s National Parks, It is impossible to see all of the falls at once, so many different views are possible.
The intention of this image was to produce a dark surrounding with good modulation in contrast to the bright falling water.

📸: Focal length 14mm (30 secs @ f10. ISO100)
Haida Magnetic CPL (2 stops) & ND (10 stops).

Taken on Nikon D850 during our 6-day Tasmanian photo tour by our Photo guide and tutor George Triantafillou. Captured with Haida M15 Filter Holder System For Nikkor 14-24mm F/2.8 + Haida 150x150mm Round magnetic Polariser filter + Haida 150x150mm Red Diamond Neutral Density filter – ND1000 (3.0) – 10 Stop.

Single exposure in the afternoon using Polariser filter and neutral density filters.

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Tasmania, Australia
George Triantafillou
Landscape Photography-Tasmania Waterfall Serenity by George Triantafillou | Chasm_Falls Tasmaina Fine Art | by George Triantafillou | Waterfall Serenity

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