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Learn the tricks of the trade from professional photographers and artists with decades of photography success and take your creative potential to the next level.

We Are Raw Photography offers a range of courses from entry-level to advanced, allowing you to gain the specialist skills you are looking for in order to achieve the desired outcome of your study. Start a small or freelance photography business, work in a boutique photography studio or turn your hobby into a professional craft.

We know how to make it happen.

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George Triantafillou

George Triantafillou is a master photographer whose career, spanning 35 years, has including the whole gamut of professional photographic challenges.


George’s first professional jobs were as a wedding photographer. In those days the equipment was fairly primitive and George’s early success was attributable to his keen eye and natural creative vision. More work in events photography, advertising, and portraiture followed, allowing George to hone his skills in different areas of the industry while also embracing the enormous technological advancements in photographic equipment the industry has enjoyed.


George’s ability to master these new technologies is most evident in his recent work, specializing in landscape photography. Combining beautiful raw photographic images with ingenious computer enhancement, George has created some of the most breathtaking and surreal images currently available.


Karolin Schild

Viva Karolina is a seasoned world traveller who spent over a year travelling and photographing the world and has a vibrant sense of adventure. She has visited many places around the world; from Europe, Asia and extreme South America to the Australia continent. All organised and travelled by her own.


She has some amazingly creative and organisational skills and has been involved in Photography since an early age. She inserted her travel and photographic experiences to make sure our travel companions have a great time.


Karolins love for travel has taken her, and her camera, to many parts of the world. Trough her recent move from Germany to her new homeland to Australia, she felt compelled to share those amazing locations with other photographers around the planet.

We Are Raw Photography is renowned for quality, experiences and excellence. Our Mission is to provide education to enable individuals to discover their talents and develop there self-esteem.

A Photo Adventure For Everyone

We Are raw Photography Photo Adventures is part photo tour, part photography workshop — a fun and educational experience with a friendly photo instructor. Our pro professional local guides are there to support you and your photography, whether that means building skills or getting you access to spectacular locations and connect with like-minded people. We want you to experience a great adventure and get the very best out of your photography. If you want to learn more, experience more and immerse yourself in the art of photography – let us help you on your journey.

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