Lightroom and Photoshop Training and Private Tuition
Lightroom and Photoshop Training and Private Tuition

Ready to develop the skills needed to capture beautiful and impactful images?

Top of the Class one-on-one Private Tutoring and in a practice-based environment for all photographic levels available!

Are you looking for a private photo lesson that fits exactly to your needs? If you just want to learn what you need to get on with photography – but intensively – you can book your private trainer here!  For your personal photo workshop, we then discuss together what knowledge you already have and then determine the content and the optimal duration.


If you’re just getting started with photography we recommend first to start out with our Introduction to the Fundamentals 2-hour special.

We Are Raw Photography team is really excited to be part of your creative journey and we look forward to sharing more inspirational and educational content with you.

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