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Twins of Limestone

Twins of Limestone

‘Twins of Limestone’
🗺: Seascape Photography – The Gibson Steps, Great Ocean Road national park in Victoria, Australia – at sunset.
📸: Focal length 16mm / ƒ/16 / 25s / ISO 100
◾️: Haida GND soft grad (3 stops) & ND (3 stops).

Sunrise at The 12 Apostles (looking east to the Gog and Magog twins) along the Great Ocean Road. One of the most spectacular places in the world along the amazing coastal drive from Melbourne to Warrnambool. It must have been early morning, around 5:30 am by first light when we got up this morning.

The way we experience the world around us is a direct reflection of the world within us.
I don’t know your world, but I do know it’s worth enjoying! Whatever you do, don’t waste it.

Someone once told me, “do not ever think of giving up, isn’t it just worth to keep going to see the next sunrise.”
Everyone who goes out there, whatever for hiking, photography or just enjoying the glorious view will exactly understand what these words mean – to me a lot!

With these words, I encourage everyone to enjoy life in all its colours and with all its challenges it comes with!

Taken on a Canon EOS 6D with 16-35mm f/2.8 lens during our 3-day Great Ocean Road photo tour. Our Photo guide and tutor Karolin Schild using the Haida M10 Filter Holder System to
photograph this scene using the Haida NanoPro 100×100, 0.9 Neutral Density filter to eliminate distractions to give more impact to the picture and the Haida 0.9 Soft-Edge Graduated ND filter to balance the light.

Single exposure at sunrise using graduated neutral density and neutral density filters.

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Gibson Steps, Great Ocean Road, Australia

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