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Haida Anti-Fog Belt

July 7, 2021

Haida Anti-fog belt – An innovative and perfect solution for astrophotography and extreme temperature photography. For you to shot some of our best Night-Sky Photography and star trails. Don’t miss a night shot ever again because of lens fogging.
  • Designed for camera lenses and telescopes
  • Rapid heat with high-tech material graphene
  • With low, medium and high heating modes
  • Fits outside diameters less than 4.3″
  • Runs on external USB power
  • Size: 40cm (heating part: 27cm) x 5cm
  • Weight: 67g


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Haida Anti-Fog Belt

Anti-fog belt – An innovative and perfect solution for astrophotography and extreme temperature photography. Let us introduce to you a brand new product designed by Haida. The Haida Anti-fog belt – Companied with a USB port and lovely soft grey pouch so you can put it in your bag easily and conveniently. Boasting three individual heat settings – Low ( 35-45°)- Medium (45-55°)- High (55-65°) and can withstand -40℃ low temperature. Simply wraps around the outside of your camera lens ( held securely in place with Velcro) to avoid fog on your lens and plug into an external power source (we use Jupio power bank). Not to forget Haida’s signature colour-Red!

  • Specially designed for camera lenses and telescopes up to 110mm Diameter
  • Advanced Graphene is fast heating and more stable.
  • Prevents condensation by warming up the lens on a camera or telescope
  • With low, medium and high heating modes
  • Runs on external USB power
  • Adopts a low temperature cable that can withstand temperature as low as -40°C
  • Velcro fastener makes it fast and easy to attach and remove

We simply couldn’t resist featuring this amazing Anti-fog belt from Haida and we are proud to offer it to you.

Haida Anti Fog Belt for Astrophotography
Haida Anti Fog Belt properties
Don't miss a night shot ever again!
Order yours now.
Haida Anti Fog Belt for Astrophotography
Haida Anti Fog Belt logo close
Haida Anti Fog Belt showing on lens
Haida Anti Fog Belt total length
❞Startrail, Milky-Way and Winter Photography Solution❞
Why do lenses fog in the first place?

Lens fogging is one of the many curses in astrophotography. You don’t really think about lens fogging until you have wasted a good night because of it. This is a lesson I learned the hard way myself,  missed some great shots because of it. This is especially very disappointing after a night out shooting star trails. Also for Landscape photography, shooting in mist and foggy conditions create an extra special effect.

Once your lens is starting to fog you’ll need to wipe the lens, again and again, to keep it dry and clean. During this process, you run the risk to change your focus or focal length slightly. Also, the quality of your image will be reduced and you end up with a muddy lock.

Preventing condensation to form on your lens is the way to go. To defog a fogged lens will be more difficult.

How To Prevent Condensation On Your Lens

When it comes to preventing fogging, the key is to control the temperature of your lens, so that it stays warmer than the ambient dew point.

For us astrophotographers and those on a budget, using camera lenses and small telescopes, a USB Heating Strip is by far the best solution to keep your lens from fogging.

Haida offers an affordable Anti-Fog Belt heating strips solution.

All you need next is a decent power bank to power them via a USB 5V port.

This solution is a very lightweight and flexible solution, by far the one I recommend the most.

Here there are a couple of tips for using heating strips:
  • Always use the lens hood: this alone helps to prevent condensation, but it also provides a place to mount the heating strips without obstructing the view.
  • Be careful not to move the lens focusing ring while installing the strip. This may be a problem with lenses with a very smooth focusing ring, and you may need to tape it down. Don’t be lazy and always take a test shot to confirm your focus is still spot-on.
  • You do not need to cover all of your lenses with the strip: just make sure the strip wraps nicely tight around the lens near the front element and the lens hood.
  • Once you have the strip, don’t be lazy and install it every time you are doing astrophotography: summer nights can get cold and humid, and lens fogging can still happen occasionally.
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Weight 67 kg
Dimensions 40 × 5 cm
Haida Anti Fog Belt

Haida Anti Fog Belt – local pick up, Haida Anti Fog Belt – shipping incl, Jupio PowerVault III 10,000mAh – local pick up, Jupio PowerVault III 10,000mAh – shipping incl, Haida Anti Fog Belt + Jupio Powerbank


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