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Apostle Erupts

Apostle Erupts

‘Apostle Erupts’
🗺: Seascape Photography – The Twelve Apostles, located between Princetown and Port Campbell on the Great Ocean Road in Australia.
📸: Focal length 16mm / ƒ/14 / 244s / ISO 100
◾️: Haida GND soft grad (3 stops) & ND (3 stops).

I wonder how many iconic type landscapes like this have come and gone over 1000s of years erosion. In my lifetime at least a couple of the 12 Apostles have collapsed, London Bridge collapsed, Tom and Eva’s arch collapsed. So it’s forever changing, new sea stacks are created, as old ones tumble.

When the sky is so much brighter than your foreground, especially at sunrise and sunset and only a view clouds up in the sky, then it is time for extreme long exposure! This image is a 4-minute exposure at sunset using 6 stop ND and 3 graduate. Without the movement of the clouds, the sky would have been very blank. I am really happy with this image, finally, I captured the treasure of the Great Ocean Road in the perfect light nature given me that day!

Taken on a Canon EOS 6D with 16-35mm f/2.8 lens during our 3-day Great Ocean Road photo tour. Our Photo guide and tutor Karolin Schild using the Haida M10 Filter Holder System with Haida Red-Diamond 100×150, 3 Stop Soft-Edge Graduated ND Filter to balance the sky with the foreground subject and Haida Red Diamond 100×100, 3 Stop Neutral Density filter to create a smooth effect in the water.

Single exposure at sunrise using graduated neutral density and neutral density filters.

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Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Australia
Karolin Schild

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