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Brighton Bathing Boxs 1

Brighton Bathing Boxes 1

🗺: Beach Photography – A day trip out at Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Australia seeing the iconic Bathing Boxes of Dendy Street Beach, Brighton.
📸: Focal length 16mm / ƒ/18 / 20s / ISO 100
⬛️: Haida GND soft grad (3 stops) & ND (6 stops).

Melbourne the most livable city in the world, so true with all its surrounding beaches as stunning as the famous Brighton Beach bathing boxes. This area is really great to explore and I could spend hours taking pictures of those adorable beach boxes. No wonder it is a popular tourist spot, the Dendy Street Brighton bathing boxes are a brightly coloured attraction.

Taken on a Canon EOS 5DSR with 16-35mm f/2.8 lens during our Private 1-on-1 Sunset Photography Workshop. Our Photo guide and tutor Karolin Schild using the Haida M10 Filter Holder System to
photograph this scene using the Haida Red Diamond 100×100, 1.8 Neutral Density filter and the Haida 0.9 Soft-Edge Graduated ND filter to balance the light. The combined filter combination has allowed me to increase my exposure time to 20 seconds on a bright sunny day.

Single exposure during daytime using graduated neutral density and neutral density filters.

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November, 2020
Melbourne, Australia
Karolin Schild

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